We have released to ‘Good Night, TV! Put your kids to bed with Papandakko’ App on Apple TV

Good Night, TV! Put your kids to bed with Papandakko.

Having hard time stopping your kids from playing with toys or watching TV? This app might help such kids to change their habits of staying up late. Let’s make them clean up the room and get ready to go to bed with cute pandas!

With the comfortable sound, chubby daddy panda and little cute panda will help you to put your kids to bed.

We’ve added more toys to play with. For example, some blocks will spread out and toy vehicles will run through. My children really liked these additions, and hoping that you will also enjoy this application.

Please search by typing “good” in the Apple TV search screen.




主夫で育児メンで小説家でアプリ開発者でアプリ開発講師でアプリ開発本執筆中でLINEスタンプ作者でブロガーのとしです。 このブログは、タイトル通り晴れた日も曇った日も人生を充実させるちょっとした楽しさを取り上げます。それが少しでも誰かのお役に立つ日がくれば幸いです。


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