We have released to ‘PandaCleanAR Tidy up easily with Papandakko’ App on iOS

PandaCleanAR Tidy up easily with Papandakko

Are you in trouble with your clean up?

PandaCleanAR is an app that helps you to tidy up smoothly with the AR (augmented reality) function. You can compare the “actual things” and “organized things taken in a picture” through the camera, and by doing this, you can tidy up easily and quickly.

Since this app is so simple and easy-to-understand, little kids would also be able to handle it. They might even enjoy tidying up like playing puzzles.

With the cute panda, Papandakko, make your tidy-up time easier and more fun!

URL scheme supported.
You can use URL scheme “pandaclean://“, it allows other apps to call “PandaCleanAR”.

My kids like to use PandaCleanAR, too. I hope that many of you and maybe your kids will also enjoy this application.

PandaCleanAR would be useful in

Putting the electric appliances with many small parts in place.
Making sure of all the necessary items for school or work are in bags.
Letting kids to put away the messes by themselves.
Preparing diapers and spare clothes for babies before going out.


Sample video

Sample video is here.


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